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Water-Steam Washdown Stations

Water-Steam Washdown Station
Part #Size

Note: Station is not supplied with hose and nozzle.

This Washdown Station features a bronze body and an automatic regulator which allows you to preset the water temperature from ambient temperature to 190ºF. The unit is self-adjusting, so that the water temperature will not vary from the setting, even if the inlet pressure fluctuates. For uses other than washdown, please consult the Tampa Rubber & Gasket Customer Service Department.

  • No moving parts inside body make the unit nearly maintenance-free
  • Designed to prevent live steam from passing if water supply is cut off
  • Automatic regulator prevents scalding
  • Water Rating: 10-100 PSI
  • Steam Rating: 40-125 PSI
  • Globe valve is 3/4" NPT, hose connection is 3/4" garden hose
  • 3/4" FNPT inlets, 3/4" MGHT outlet

Hot & Cold Water Hose Stations

Note: Stations are not supplied with hose and nozzle.
Style 1 Water Hose StationStyle 2 Water Hose StationStyle 3 Water Hose Station

Style 1 WDS1

Style 2 WDS2

  • Temperature Gauge

Style 3 WDS3

  • Temperature Gauge
  • Flow Control Fitting
  • Vacuum Breaker

Designed to meet State and Federal sanitary requirements. Hose Stations feature a bronze body. Chrome plating available. All three styles are wall-mountable and have a built-in Stainless Steel hose rack with 50' hose capacity. Possible applications include Chemical and Food Processing plants, Dairies, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Bottling plants and Restaurants.

  • No moving parts inside body make unit nearly maintenance-free.
  • Check valves have PTFE seats and Stainless Steel springs.
  • 3/4" FNPT inlets, 3/4" MGHT outlet
Part #Style

Hot Water Washdown Spray Nozzle

Hot Water Washdown Nozzle

For low pressure cleaning and sanitation applications, such as food and dairy processing, tank and drum cleaning, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing and meat and poultry packing. Efficient design for operator comfort. 1/2" female NPT inlet. Black or white cover.

  • Variable spray pattern from solid stream to 50º hollow cone.
  • Hose connects at base of gun for easy maneuvering.
  • Rubber coated handle protects hands from water temperatures to 150º F.
  • 14 GPM flow capacity.
  • Available with brass or aluminum body construction.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 PSI.
BodyPart #BodyPart #
Note: "-W" means White Cover.

Swivel Connectors for Washdown Spray Nozzles

Swivel Connector with Hose ShankSwivel Connector with GHT
  • Keeps Hose from Kinking
  • Brass Swivel Body
  • Stainless Steel Hose Shank
  • Brass Connecting Nut
  • EPDM Gasket
  • Attached Ring
Hose Shank and Female GHT
NPTSizePart #
1/2"1/2" ShankBNS44
1/2"3/4" ShankBNS64
1/2"3/4" F-GHTBMAS974

Stainless Steel Industrial Grade Spray Nozzle

Stainless Steel Industrial Grade Spray NozzleThe Stainless Steel Industrial Grade Spray Nozzle is recommended for use on corrosive applications where bronze and aluminum are not suitable.
  • Heavy duty construction of 300 series stainless steel body and barrel assembly.
  • Variable spray pattern adjusts from a soft spray to a solid stream by simply depressing the lever.
  • Replaceable rubber cover is specially formulated to resist a wide range of oils and chemicals. It also protects nozzle and surrounding equipment from dings and scratches.
  • 1/2" male NPT x 3/4" hose barb 300 series stainless steel swivel adapter.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 PSI.
  • 14 GPM flow capacity.
  • 1/2" Female NPT inlet.
Part #Body
300SSSG300 Series
Stainless Steel

Brass Industrial Grade Front Lever Spray Nozzle

Brass Industrial Grade Front Lever Spray NozzleThe Brass Industrial Grade Spray Nozzle provides effortless one hand operation: by actuating the operating lever the valve is opened / closed and the jet power is regulated from spray to concentrated jet.
  • Durable nozzle constructed of a high quality brass and high-grade steel combination.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 350 PSI.
  • Suitable for hot water up to 122ºF.
  • The adjusting screw on the back of the gun allows you to fix the desired form of jet. The fixing clamp for the operating lever allows permanent service.
  • 6.6 GPM flow capacity.
  • 1/2" Female NPT inlet.
Part #Body

Temperature Indicating Spray Nozzle

Temperature Indicating Spray NozzleWhen you uncoil your hose and walk away from the hot and cold water mixer, you can no longer read the dial thermometer on the mixer. With the Temperature Indicating Spray Nozzle, you take your thermometer with you. 1/2" Female NPT inlet. Black cover.
  • Easy to read dial thermometer is located at the rear of the nozzle for accurate and continual monitoring of water temperature.
  • The dial thermometer is all stainless steel with a plastic sight window, and the entire gauge assembly is recessed into the rubber cover for complete protection.
  • Alerts the operator to shut-down the steam valve upon cold water failure, preventing scalding and steam burn injuries (ensures operator safety).
  • Ensures a more accurate discharge water temperature reading.
  • Recommended for water temperatures to 200ºF.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 150 PSI.
  • 14 GPM flow capacity.
Part #Body

Thermal-GardTM Elevated Temperature Spray Nozzle

Elevated Temperature Spray NozzleThe Thermal-GardTM Elevated Temperature Spray Nozzle protects the operator from extreme hot water temperatures that exceed the comfort zone of standard hot water nozzles. 3/8" Female NPT inlet. Black cover.
  • Spray nozzle assembly includes the required special rigid, stainless steel adapter, Part # RA3F4MSS (1/2" Male NPT x 3/8" Female NPT).
  • Thermal insulating sleeve substantially reduces overall heat during elevated temperature conditions.
  • Stainless steel lever handle is coated for additional thermal protection, and operator comfort.
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body substantially reduces overall weight.
  • Corrosion resistant body is anodized for additional corrosion protection
  • Recommended for water temperatures above 140ºF. Maximum temperature 200ºF.
  • 14 GPM flow capacity.
Part #Body





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