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Buckets & Pails -
Rubber & Plastic

Heavy Duty Molded Rubber-Fiber Buckets

Our heavy duty molded rubber-fiber buckets are reinforced with nylon cord to take severe use and abuse. Made from rubber, they can't rust or crack; they bounce back to shape. Over the years, our bucket line has grown extensively. We now have many different models, sizes and shapes to choose from for a variety of industrial, construction & maintenance applications.

12 Quart H.D. Rubber Bucket


8 Quart L. W. Rubber Bucket

Rubber Bucket -
12 Quart N100-12Part #: N100-12
Package Qty.: 12
Weight: 4.5 Lbs.
Top Dia.: 12-½"
Height: 10-½"
 Rubber Bucket -
8 Quart N400-8Part #: N400-8
Package Qty.: 12
Weight: 2.7 Lbs.
Top Dia.: 10-¾"
Height: 8-½"
Our 12 quart heavy duty rubber bucket comes with galvanized fittings. It has graduated markings for measuring thin to viscous liquids. It makes an excellent mortar, concrete and plaster pail. Hardened cement will not stick - it drops out with no chipping or scraping. This bucket also has many industrial applications. Our 8 quart light weight rubber bucket comes with heavy galvanized fittings. It is a low, wide-top pail is ideal for plasterers, calf feeding, farmers and home-owners. This bucket also has many industrial applications.
At Tampa Rubber & Gasket, we stock the two buckets shown above (N100-12 & N400-8). We can sell either of these buckets individually. The buckets shown below are special order, and must be purchased in package quantities only. (We also stock the N400-8GN, shown at the bottom of this page.) Please call or e-mail us for pricing and availability.

10 Quart Std. Rubber Bucket


14 Quart L. W. Rubber Bucket

Rubber Bucket -
10 Quart N200-10Part #: N200-10
Package Qty.: 12
Weight: 3.6 Lbs.
Top Dia.: 11-½"
Height: 9-¼"
 Rubber Bucket -
14 Quart N700-14Part #: N700-14
Package Qty.: 12
Weight: 4.1 Lbs.
Top Dia.: 11-½"
Height: 11-¼"
Our 10 quart standard duty rubber bucket comes with galvanized fittings. It has graduated markings for measuring. It is ideal for grout, maintenance and cleaning applications. This bucket also has many industrial uses. Our 14 quart general utility pail comes with galvanized fittings. It is ideal for window washing, for washing down masonry walls and general cleaning applications. This bucket also has many industrial uses.

18 Quart L. W. Rubber Bucket


12 Quart H. D. Rubber Bucket

Rubber Bucket -
18 Quart N939-18Part #: N939-18
Package Qty.: 12
Weight: 5.9 Lbs.
Top Dia.: 13-¾"
Height: 12"
 Rubber Bucket -
12 Quart N105-12Part #: N105-12
Package Qty.: 12
Weight: 4.5 Lbs.
Top Dia.: 12-½"
Height: 10-½"
Big jobs are done faster and easier with this rubber pail that comes with galvanized fittings. Equipped with a molded pouring lip, this bucket is ideal for cleaning compounds, general utility and cleaning masonry walls. This bucket resists many acids, paints, chemicals, etc. Our 12 quart heavy duty pail comes with galvanized fittings and a molded pouring lip. This bucked handles many tough applications; it's ideal for cement and mortar. It is great for the construction industry and farm use. This bucket also has many industrial uses.

Rubber Bucket Being
Hit with a Sledge Hammer Rubber Bucket
Bounces Back to Shape

Concrete BucketOur Rubber 
Concrete Bucket Rubber Bucket
with Hardened CementCement Falls Out
of Our Rubber Bucket
The above unretouched photos show ordinary pails (left) and our rubber buckets (right) after being in equal use for several months by a cement contractor. Note that our pail on the extreme right has not even lost it's shape! Cement can harden overnight in our bucket without damage. The next morning, just tap the bucket, and the cement falls out. Put it through the test yourself!

8 Quart Light Weight Polyethylene Bucket

Polyethylene Bucket -
8 Quart N100-8GNThis is our exclusive practical 8 quart polyethylene bucket. We stock this bucket in green. Exceptionally light weight, it is just about 1 pound. It features a low, wide shape with an extra wide top, making it ideal for many industrial and home applications. This bucket comes with heavy, galvanized fittings, and it's available in a rainbow of colors (package quantities only; 24 buckets per package.)

In addition to the buckets described on this page, we have many other styles available. As shown in the picture at the top of this page, we can supply low profile, wide pans, ideal for things like draining automobile oil and other applications where there is not much room. We also offer square tote boxes, flat side pails for hanging on a wall (we can supply the hanging hardware, too), corner containers (two flat sides, for fitting into a corner), etc. If you need a bucket, pail or pan, please call or e-mail the Tampa Rubber Customer Service Department for details and pricing!





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