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Interlocked Metal Hose Fundamentals

Our interlocked metal hoses are made for a variety of specialized industrial applications and are available in a wide range of metals, styles and sizes. Interlocked hose is manufactured by helically winding preformed metal strip over a sizing mandrel and folding together the adjacent edges forming the interlocked convolutions. A packing material may be inserted into a preformed groove within the interlock to make the hose pressure tight or to minimize leakage. This packing forms a continuous gasket seal throughout the entire length of the hose.
Flexibility is achieved through the sliding action which is provided by the slip-space within each interlocked convolution.
The limits of axial elongation or compression are established when the convolutions are all fully opened or are all fully closed. Similarly, the minimum bend radius is achieved when the convolutions on the outside of the bend are fully opened, and those on the inside of the bend are fully closed. Considerable force is required to exceed these limitations. However, if the hose is forced beyond these limits, it will be permanently deformed. Certain styles of non-pressure hose are designed to minimize metal to metal contact within the interlocked convolutions, and are therefore very flexible since the forces necessary to compress the packing material produce a greater resistance to the sliding action.

M-100 Interlocked Pressure Hose

Description - Our M-100 pressure hose is a high quality, heavy duty, fully interlocked metal hose designed to withstand the abuses of many industrial applications. The inclusion of a quality packing into a specially formed groove during manufacturing serves as a continuous gasket to make the hose pressure tight. Such media as air and non-searching fluids can be conveyed by M-100 hose at moderate pressures and temperatures.
End Fittings - The high temperatures encountered in welding pipe and flanges to M-100 hose destroys the packing within the convolutions adjacent to the weld area. Our "Titepak" and "Packed & Welded" fittings were developed to seal this damaged section by providing a box and gland arrangement for the application of corrective packing after the fitting has been welded onto the hose. These fittings are available as rigid or floating flanges and as beveled, grooved or NPT threaded pipe ends. Reattachable fittings are also available for M-100 pressure hose.
Specifications - M-100 pressure hose is produced in type 304 stainless steel, electrogalvanized carbon steel and commercial bronze. I.D. sizes range from ¾" through 28". The following terms are included in the specifications tables for M-100 pressure hose.
The nominal burst pressure is the PSIG pressure at which the hose can be expected to rupture.This rating is predicated upon the hose being installed straight and motionless, and subjected to internal hydrostatic pressure at 70ºF. The maximum working pressure is the PSIG pressure at 70ºF to which the hose should be subjected while operating under moderate bending, motion and flow conditions. This rating represents the application of a 3 to 1 safety factor against the nominal burst pressure. If more severe operating conditions are anticipated, the use of a 4 to 1 or a 5 to 1 safety factor is recommended.
Elevated operating temperatures require the application of a temperature adjustment factor to the maximum working pressure at 70ºF. Refer to the "Temperature Adjustment Factor Table" at the bottom of this page.
Applications - M-100 pressure hose is an ideally suited hose for metal expansion joints, boiler relief valve sealing, pulverized coal cyclone feeders, boiler draft systems and BOF lance hose assemblies. Additionally, M-100 pressure hose can be used in applications involving diesel exhaust, tank car unloading, barge unloading, fuel oil transfer, oven exhaust, suction lines and air intake lines.

M-100 Pressure Hose

Stainless Steel Type 304-Standard Weight

Size-IDNom. ODWP-PSIBend Rad.Strip ThicknessWt. /C Ft

NOTE: Please see Temperature Adjustment Factor Table for pressure rating / temperature conversion!

NOTE: 304 and Carbon Steel Heavy Weight, along with standard weight Bronze and Carbon Steel hoses are available on a special order basis. Please call the Tampa Rubber Customer Service department for further information.

Available End Fittings

Titepak Rigid Flange-2½" to 24" Titepak Floating Flange-2½" to 12" Titepak Weld End-2½" to 12" Male NPT End-¾" to 6" Female NPT End-¾" to 4"

Metal Tar & Asphalt Hose


Our Tar & Asphalt hose has uniform flexibility for ease of handling and excellent resistance to deterioration by heat. This, plus the ruggedness and dependability of a fully interlocked and packed construction, makes our Tar & Asphalt hose the choice of highway department engineers for use on all types of road surfacing equipment. Tar & Asphalt hose in manufactured from high quality electro-galvanized carbon steel strip and is produced in 1", 1½", 2" and 3" I.D. sizes. Within this size range, there is a hose suitable for road surfacing service, asphalt carrying truck use, read patching units, hot tar pots and kettles, spray hoses and hand-held patching hoses.

End Fittings

Malleable iron couplings are the standard end fittings for Tar & Asphalt hose assemblies. Malleable type fittings are available in style HM, a male NPT, and in style HF, a swivel female NPS. Mechanically attached and sealed with packing, these fittings provide a leak-tight connection with the hose.


Our Tar & Asphalt hose can be supplied in random mill lengths, in specified cut lengths or as complete assemblies. HM and HF fittings are available loose for self-attachment. Since the maximum available ID size of Tar & Asphalt hose is 3", we recommend the use of M-100 pressure hose when larger size hose is required.

Metal Tar & Asphalt Hose
IDODMin. Coil IDStrip ThicknessWt /C Ft

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