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PTFE Sheet

Fluorocarbon resins are a group of high performance engineered plastic resins featuring high crystallinity and high molecular weight. Outstanding resistance to chemicals is one of the primary benefits. PTFE has excellent resistance to 98% of the commercially used chemical compounds.
A broad temperature range of -450ºF to +500ºF make this gasket material suitable for most of the conditions found in industry. Water absorption of PTFE is negligible, less then 0.01% by ASTM test. And, it is FDA-approved for food contact.

Properties of Pure PTFE

  • Temperature: -450ºF to + 500ºF
  • Tensile: 5000 PSI Minimum
  • Ph Range: 0 to 14
  • Thickness: 1/64" to 1/4"; Special Order up to 1"

Filled PTFE

To address the problem of cold flow of PTFE, it is now available with a filler that helps prevent this cold flow. Usually filled with a form of silica, this product is known by many names: TopChem (Thermoseal), Gore-Tex GR (W. L. Gore), Gylon (Garlock, Inc.) and Sigma (Flexitallic) to name a few. Generically it is called "glass-filled PTFE".
While retaining the temperature and chemical resistance properties of pure PTFE, this product cold flows less because of the glass fiber filler. The trade-off is in sealability, as some of these products require considerable stress to effect a seal.

Durlon Modified PTFE Sheet

Durlon 9000 and 9000N
Durlon Modified
PTFE Sheet
Durlon 9000 (blue) and 9000N (neutral) are designed for use in process piping and equipment in chemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, oxygen & industrial gases, food & beverage and other general industrial applications. These gasket sheets are excellent choices where physical properties such as non-contamination and resistance to highly aggressive chemicals are required.Durlon 9000 has been tested, approved and used for chlorine and caustics services. Unlike generic skived PTFE, the various shapes of fillers in Durlon 9000 are homogeneously blended with pure PTFE resins and do not wick or cause corrosion on flange faces. Also, independent testing has shown the fillers in Durlon 9000 to be more evenly dispersed than filled PTFE with layered construction. Therefore, it has more consistent physical and mechanical properties and does not have voids, separation and chemical compatibility problems found in layered PTFE.
Versatile and Reliable Seal
  • Recommended for a wider range of severe chemical services than competitive filled PTFE blends.
  • Maintains a tighter seal than conventional PTFE gasketing.
  • Has a higher bolt torque retention than other filled PTFE and conventional PTFE gasketing materials.
  • Listed in Pamphlet 95 of the Chlorine Institute as an acceptable gasket material for chlorine service.
  • Certified for Oxygen Service by the Federal Institute of Materials Testing & Research: Berlin, Germany.
  • Conforms to FDA standards.
  • Exceptional performance in emissions control.
Sheet Size
  • Durlon 9000 is available in the largest sheet sizes of any conventional or filled PTFE blend gasketing in the industry.
  • Allows improved yield with less waste.
  • 60" x 60" | 60" x 120" | 60" x 180"
Cost Saving Technology
  • Can readily provide large diameter gaskets at extremely competitive prices.
  • Eliminates waste and readily available.

Durlon PTFE Sheet

Durlon 9200WDurlon 9600
Durlon 9200W is a barium sulfate filled PTFE designed for use in piping and equipment in chemical, pulp & paper and associated industries where resistance to aggressive chemicals and excellent sealability is required. Due to our unique and innovative manufacturing process, 9200W has outperformed all layered filled PTFE materials proving to be more resistant to the "popcorning" effects of aggressive monomers such as styrene, methyl methacrylate and butyl acetate.
Versatile and Reliable Seal
  • Low initial seating stress required for effective seal.
  • Superior sealing in thermo cyclical services than conventional PTFE.
  • Conforms to flange imperfections.
  • Exceptional bolt torque retention.
  • Conforms to FDA standards.
  • Superior containment of gases.
  • Extremely durable allowing for extended service life.
Sheet Size
  • 9200W is available in the largest sheet sizes of any conventional or filled PTFE blend gasketing in the industry.
  • Allows improved yield with less waste.
  • 60" x 60" | 60" x 120" | 60" x 180"
Cost Saving Technology
  • Elimination of waste.
  • Readily available.
  • Extremely competitive prices.
Durlon 9600 is an expanded PTFE gasket material designed to seal at low loads and resist creep and cold flow while being able to withstand high flange load and high pressures.
Durlon 9600 will easily conform to irregular surfaces that may be warped, etched, pitted or tool marked. These characteristics make Durlon 9600 your best choice for a broad range of aggressive chemicals where plastic flanges and / or low bolt loads are a requirement.
Unique Characteristics
  • Premium grade PTFE offers compressibility up to 60%.
  • Generates tight seals in cast iron valves, filters, strainers.
  • Handles higher temperatures than filled PTFE.
  • Excellent performance in high pressures.
  • High level of bolt torque retention.
  • Conforms to irregular flange surfaces.
  • Conforms to FDA standards.
  • Superior containment of gases.
  • Exceptional service life.
Sheet Size
  • 60" x 60"

See also Durlon 9400, a PTFE / Carbon sheet.

Typical Physical Properties

DURLON Style9000 / 9000N9200W9600
Color9000 - Blue
9000N - White
Granite WhiteWhite
Fluid ServicesSteam, Oils, TiO2, CIO2, Liquid Chlorine1, Acids, Caustics, H2O2, Liquid Oxygen2, OleumSteam, Nitric Acid, TiO2, CIO2, H2O2, Liquors, Sulfur Dioxide, Brown Stock, Phosphoric AcidAqueous and Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride, Steam, Oils, Caustics, Acids, Alcohols
Filler SystemInorganicBarium Sulfate-
Resin SystemPure PTFEPure PTFEPure Expanded PTFE
Pressure Max:1500 psig1500 psig1800 psig
Density (lbs. / Cu. Ft.)138--
Creep Relaxation
Tensile Strength Across Grain
2000 psi1920 psi-
Fluid Resistance
pH Range (Ambient)
Leakage: DIN 35350.01 cc/min.0.01 cc/min.0.01 cc/min.
Volume Resistivity,
1 x 105 ohm-cm
(ASTM D257)
Dielectric Breakdown
ASTM D149, 1/16"
16 kv/mm--
Gasket Factors
Gb psi, 1/16"
a, 1/16"
Gs psi, 1/16"
Line Call-Out
Notes:1. Pamphlet 95, The Chlorine Institute
2. Certified - BAM
Conforms to FDA
Conforms to FDAConforms to FDA
Note: ASTM and DIN properties based on 1/16" sheet thickness, except ASTM F38, which is based on 1/32" sheet thickness. This is a general guide only and should not be the sole means of accepting or rejecting this material. The data listed here falls within the normal range of product properties, but should not be used to establish specification limits nor used alone as the basis of design.
Warning: These materials should never be recommended when both temperature and pressure are at the maximum listed. Properties and applications shown are typical. No application should be undertaken by anyone without independent study and evaluation for suitability. Never use more than one gasket in one flange joint, and never reuse a gasket. Improper use or gasket selection could cause property damage and / or serious personal injury. Data reported on this web page is a compilation of field testing, field service reports and / or in-house testing. While the utmost care has gone into publishing the information contained herein, we assume no responsibility for errors. Specifications and information contained on this web page are subject to change without notice.

For an explanation of Gb, a & Gs factors, torque info & gasket installation go to our Durlon Technical Info page.

See also Durlon 9400, a PTFE / Carbon sheet.

Expanded PTFE

Inertex Sheet
Welcome to Inertex expanded PTFE high performance gaskets and fluid sealing products.
The patented Inertex UHF (Uniformly and Highly Fibrillated) Process improves upon existing expanded PTFE products. Inertex is a more dense and highly fibrillated form of expanded PTFE. It provides the user with even less creep relaxation and cold flow than existing expanded PTFE products. Inertex is 100% virgin PTFE with no fillers or binders and provides all of the spectacular properties and benefits of PTFE. The unique properties created by the Inertex UHF process makes Inertex the most effective and versatile material in its class. Inertex easily conforms to damaged or pitted flange surfaces. It also requires a low compressive load to seal which makes it an excellent material for FRP and glass lined flanges. Its low coefficient of friction of 0.2 (like wet ice) means gaskets are easily removed.

Inertex SQ-S Gasket Sheet

INERTEX SQ-S gasket sheet is the world's first 100% expanded PTFE in a true 60" x 60" format. This material is manufactured by our proprietary isometric-expansion process which breaks all the rules traditional to gasket material manufacturing of the past. Isometric-expansion provides a highly fibrillated microstructure with nearly equal tensile strength in every direction. This unique structure maximizes performance predictability and stability while minimizing creep and cold flow. INERTEX SQ-S definitely is an all-purpose gasket sheet that is setting the new standard in gasket technology.

One Color.....One Choice

INERTEX SQ-S is made of 100% virgin PTFE. Our isometric-expansion process completely eliminates the need for binders, fillers or pigments. This material is engineered to replace all filled PTFE gasket sheet materials in various colors such as fawn, blue, off-white, green or orange. It will eliminate the possibility of misuse of these different colored gasket materials. Plus, gasketing inventories will be greatly reduced with INERTEX SQ-S, the one, all-encompassing gasket material.


INERTEX SQ-S is so pure that it far exceeds the requirements set forth in the rigid SEMASPEC 92010934B-STD according to testing performed by a SEMATECH recognized laboratory. And, since it does not particulate, INERTEX SQ-S is the choice for handling ultra-pure fluids such as ultra-pure water, bio-tech and pharmaceuticals.

Soft..... but Strong

INERTEX SQ-S is very soft and extremely compressible with relatively light torque. It can be applied in FRP, porcelain, plastic and glass lined piping or vessels. Yet, this material is very strong and tough. It can withstand compressive loads of over 40,000 PSI without affecting its sealing capability. INERTEX SQ-S is the one virtually impossible to abuse.

The Tightest

According to the testing done by Ecole Polytechnique Tightness Testing Researchy Laboratory (TTRL), INERTEX SQ-S is one of the tightest sealing gasket materials in the world. It can help meet the most strict regulations of the Clean Air Act. Coupled with excellent chemical compatibility with all VOC's, HAP's and HON's, INERTEX SQ-S becomes the ultimate resolution to the EPA issue.


INERTEX SQ-S has an unlimited shelf life and will not become brittle, age, or otherwise deteriorate in the application. This material is unaffected by UV, ozone and corona. It is easily hand or die cut. And, when necessary, INERTEX SQ-S can be removed easily from flange surfaces due to the non-sticking nature of PTFE.

INERTEX SQ-S Typical Properties

Temperature Limit-450ºF to +600ºF
Pressure LimitFull Vacuum to 3000 PSI
pH LimitpH 0 - 14 Except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine
FDA / USDASuitable Including red ink for brand ID
FlamibilityWill Not Burn
Bacterial GrowthWill Not Support
Sheet Size60" x 60"
Thickness0.5mm, 1mm, 1/16", 1/8", 1/4"
Tolerance1/16"= ± 0.006"; 1/8"= ± 0.010"
Specific Gravity0.85 ± 0.04
ASTM Tests
Compressibility (F-36)68%
Recovery (F-36)12%
Sealability (F-37-B)0.00 ml/hr (Fuel A); 0.02 ml/hr (Nitrogen)
Creep Relaxation (F-38)32% @ 212ºF; 16% @ 73ºF

INERTEX UHF Joint Sealant

Joint Sealant
INERTEX UHF Joint Sealant looks and feels different from other Joint Sealant products. It is smooth and flexible with an exceptionally uniform texture and density. Under the surface is a microscopic structure that makes this remarkable material the strongest, most versatile sealant available today. INERTEX UHF Joint Sealant is made of 100% virgin PTFE. INERTEX alone uses a patented process that produces a uniform and highly fibrillated microstructure with thousands of small fibers running in many directions. These create a soft and pliable, yet very tough oval-shaped joint sealant that is very compressible with a high tensile strength. INERTEX UHF Joint Sealant provides excellent cold flow and creep relaxation resistance. It is FDA suitable and it comes with an easy peel-off self-adhesive backing that makes installation simple.

INERTEX High Performance

  • 100% expanded virgin PTFE
  • Withstands temperatures from -450ºF to +600ºF
  • Unaffected by common chemicals, pH range: 0-14
  • Non-contaminating, non-toxic
  • FDA suitable (FDA 21 CFR177.1550)
  • Will not age or harden in service
  • Extremely strong; pressure range from full vacuum to 3000 PSI

Easy Installation

  • Choose INERTEX UHF Joint Sealant that is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 the width of the sealing surface
  • Peel off the adhesive backing
  • Apply the sealant around the flange inside the bolt circle
  • Overlap the ends about 3/4" at a bolt hole
  • Follow standard torquing sequence to tighten

Standard Sizes and Selection Chart
Standard Sizes Size Selection for ANSI Flanges Size Selection for Non-Standard Flanges
SizeAvailable Length150-300# ANSI FlangesUse This SizeSealing WidthUse This Size
1/8"100' or 1000'1/2" - 3/4"1/8"1/8" - 1/4"1/8"
3/16"75' or 750'1" - 1-1/2"3/16"5/16" - 3/8"3/16"
1/4"50' or 500'2" - 3-1/2"1/4"7/16" - 5/8"1/4"
3/8"25' or 250'4" - 6"3/8"3/4" - 1"3/8"
1/2"15', 30', or 150'8" - 16"1/2"1-1/8" - 1-1/2"1/2"
5/8"15', 30', or 150'18" - 20"5/8"1-5/8" - 2"5/8"
3/4"15', 30', or 100'24" - 36"3/4"2" - 2-1/2"3/4"
1"15', 30', or 75'36" - 60"1"2-1/2" - 3"1"
2"39'60" & Up2"3" & Up2"


Constructed from the same fibers used for Joint Sealant, INERTEX UHF Gasket Tape comes in over 25 standard sizes. All sizes up to 6" wide come on 50' rolls and include a peel-off self-adhesive backing. The 8" width is non-adhesive and comes on a 25' roll. Custom sizes are available for special applications. Consult the Tampa Rubber & Gasket Customer Service Department about custom INERTEX products.
Standard Sizes
ThicknessWidths Available
0.015"1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4", 6"
0.031"1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8"
0.062"1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8"
0.125"1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8"

Lasts Longer, Saves Time, Cost and is Very Versatile

  • Excellent for use on glass lined and plastic flanges.
  • Can be used on odd shaped flanges.
  • Can be used as a gasket.
  • Excellent for repairing worn spiral wound and metal gaskets.
  • Can be used wherever a thin gasket of shim is required
  • Eliminates the need for etched PTFE.
  • Extremely strong; pressure range from full vacuum to 3000 PSI
  • FDA suitable; non-contaminating and non-toxic
  • Wider widths are useful for volume cutting of gaskets.
  • Easy to use, will not unravel and is simple to install.

INERTEX EZ-Seal Gaskets

INERTEX EZ-Seal Gaskets are designed with two things in mind; ease of installation and maximum performance. The raised inner portion of the EZ-Seal is manufactured to compress easily during installation. This allows it to fill in any irregularities, voids and nicks, even on wire drawn flanges. EZ-Seal Gaskets require less bolting stress to seal than conventional PTFE envelope gaskets, plain PTFE gaskets or any filled PTFE products on the market today. This feature makes EZ-Seal Gaskets the absolute best choice for glass lined or plastic flanges. EZ-Seal Gaskets can be used with all ANSI raised face flanges. EZ-Seal Gaskets are easy to install in tight situations where only minimal separation of flanges can be accomplished. Once installed, EZ-Seal Gaskets provide a long and dependable service life because they are made from 100% pure expanded PTFE. They will not age, harden, shrink or dry out in service.

Lasts Longer, Saves Time and Cost

100% expanded PTFE lasts much longer than any other gasket material. When changing gaskets, INERTEX EZ-Seal Gaskets will not stick to surfaces and can be easily removed. The EZ-Seal Gasket comes in a sturdy protective package that protects the gasket from damage until needed.


INERTEX EZ-Seal Gaskets can replace:
  • PTFE envelope gaskets
  • Plain PTFE gaskets
  • Wire inserted molded PTFE gaskets
  • Asbestos and non-asbestos gaskets
  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Filled PTFE gaskets
  • Rubber gaskets

EZ-Seal Gaskets
Use EZ-Seals of This SizeTo fit and seal in these flanges
1/2 x 1501/2 x 150---
1/2 x 300-1/2 x 3001/2 x 4001/2 x 600
3/4 x 1503/4 x 150---
3/4 x 300-3/4 x 3003/4 x 4003/4 x 600
1 x 1501 x 150---
1 x 300-1 x 3001 x 4001 x 600
1-1/4 x 1501-1/4 x 150---
1-1/4 x 300-1-1/4 x 3001-1/4 x 4001-1/4 x 600
1-1/2 x 1501-1/2 x 150---
1-1/2 x 300-1-1/2 x 3001-1/2 x 4001-1/4 x 600
2 x 1502 x 150---
2 x 300-2 x 3002 x 4002 x 600
2-1/2 x 1502-1/2 x 150---
2-1/2 x 300-2-1/2 x 3002-1/2 x 4002-1/2 x 600
3 x 1503 x 150---
3 x 300-3 x 3003 x 4003 x 600
3-1/2 x 1503-1/2 x 150 ---
3-1/2 x 300-3-1/2 x 3003-1/2 x 4003-1/2 x 600
4 x 1504 x 150---
4 x 300-4 x 300--
5 x 1505 x 150---
5 x 300-5 x 300--
6 x 1506 x 150---
6 x 300-6 x 300--
8 x 1508 x 150---
8 x 300-8 x 300--
10 x 15010 x 150---
10 x 300-10 x 300--
12 x 15012 x 150---
12 x 300-12 x 300--





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