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Corrugated Flexible
Graphite Gasket

CFG (Corrugated Flexible Graphite) Gaskets

CFG corrugated 316 stainless steel metal core gaskets with flexible graphite sealing surface will maintain a tight seal in a wide range of initial seating stress. This makes it the universal replacement for spiral wound, double jacketed and traditional flexible graphite gaskets. It is suitable for virtually all applications found in the following industries: refining, chemical, petochemical, pulp & paper, power generation and steel mill.
  • CFG Advantages:
  • FIRE SAFE - Passed the modified API 607 Fire Test
  • Superior emissions control - DIN 3535 gas permeability / leakage < 0.01 cc/min.
  • Seals imperfect flanges
  • Seats on a variety of surface finishes
  • Easy & safe to handle
  • Blow out resistant
  • High spring back
  • No inward buckling
  • One thickness for all applications
  • Sizes:
  • Standard ANSI Class 150 and 300 ring and full face: 1/2" to 24"
  • Non-standard MSS SP-44 & API 605: 26" to 96"
  • Non-standard ovals: handhole and manway gaskets
  • All heat exchanger styles (see below)
  • Different metals available to match flange metallurgy, temperature or chemical
CFG - Leakage vs. 
Gasket Stress

Heat Exchanger Gasket Shapes

There are many styles of heat exchanger gaskets, most have complicated rib designs or partitions. While some of the most common designs are shown below, we can provide almost any configuration of heat exchanger type gasket utilizing our CFG technology.
CFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type ACFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type BCFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type B1CFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type C
CFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type DCFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type FCFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type GCFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type T
CFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type YCFG Heat Exchanger
Gasket - Type Z
When inquiring and ordering, please specify gasket shape by using the letter to the left of the style of the gasket required as shown above. Along with the ID, OD, and thickness (t), we will require radius (R), flange width (W), and distance from the center of the rib to the center of the gasket (P).


Durlon Compressed Carbon Fiber

Durlon GasketsDurlon Gaskets
Premium Solutions
Durlon 8300 is our premium grade, multi-service high strength carbon and NBR gasket sheet, designed to handle the extremes of pressure and temperature. As with all of our premium products, the versatility of this sheet enables the end user to standardize on one sheet for a multitude of applications, and avoid the confusion of having to choose from several different sheets.
Specifically designed for applications commonly found in the power generation and chemical processing industries, the 8300 sheet maintains excellent sealability during thermal cycling even in steam, hot oil, aliphatic hydrocarbons, natural gas, gasoline, solvents, inert gases, mild alkalis and acids.
Chemical and Thermal Versatility
  • Broad range of chemical and thermal services.
Emissions Control
  • Maintains tight seal during thermal cycling in saturated steam and hot oils.
  • Very good chemical resistance.
Easy to Install and Remove
  • Much easier to handle, install and remove than traditional graphite high temperature gaskets.
  • Anti-stick coating for ease of removal
Premium Solutions
Durlon 9400 is made from pure PTFE resins and carbon fillers designed for use in piping and equipment in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other severe service industrial applications where chemical resistance and sealability are paramount. This sheet does not exhibit cold flow problems associated with conventional PTFE. It has been developed to be used in hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AFH) in railroad tankcars and chemical plant applications where barium sulfate PTFE may not prove suitable.
Unique Characteristics
  • Handles higher temperatures than competitive filled PTFE.
  • Excellent creep and cold flow characteristics.
  • High level of bolt torque retention.
  • Superior sealing through thermal cycling.
  • Exceptional recovery.
  • Conforms to FDA standards.
  • Superior containment of gases.
  • Non-aging providing long service life.
Sheet Size
  • 9400 sheet is available in the largest sheet sizes of any conventional or filled PTFE blend gasketing in the industry.
  • Allows improved yield with less waste.
  • 60" x 60" - 60" x 120" - 60" x 180".
Cost Saving Technology
  • Large diameter machined gaskets.
  • Elimination of waste.
  • Readily available.
  • Extremely competitive prices.

Typical Physical Properties

DURLON Style83009400CFG
Fluid ServicesSaturated Steam, Oils, Dilute Acids & Alkalis, Solvents, HydrocarbonsAcids, Aqueous and Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride, Steam, Fuels, Oils, AlcoholsSteam, Oil, Water, Mild Alkalis, Hydrocarbons, Mild Acids, Solvents
Fiber / ResinFiber: CarbonResin: Pure PTFEFiber: Graphite
Binder / Filler / InsertBinder: NBRFiller: CarbonInsert: 316 S/S
Density (lbs. / Cu. Ft.)100--
Temperature Max.
-100 to 800ºF
-350 to 550ºF
-328 to 850ºF
Steam: 1200ºF
Pressure Max.1500 psig1500 psig3000 psig
Creep Relaxation
Tensile Strength Across Grain
1800 psi2100 psi-
Fluid Resistance
pH Range (Ambient)
ASTM F146 - IRM 903 Oil, 5 hours @ 300ºF
Thickness Increase0 to 10%--
Weight Increase10%--
ASTM F146 - ASTM Fuel B, 5 hours @ 70ºF
Thickness Increase0 to 10%--
Weight Increase12% Max--

Leachable Halides500 ppm max.--
Leachable Chlorides200 ppm max.--
Leakage: DIN 35350.05 cc/min.0.01 cc/min.<0.01 cc/min.
Volume Resistivity
ASTM D257, 1/16"
5 x 109 ohm-cm61 ohm-cm (ASTM D991)-
Dielectric Breakdown
ASTM D149, 1/16"
0.04 kv/mm1 kv/mm-
Gasket Factors
Gb psi, 1/16"
a, 1/16"
Gs psi, 1/16"
(3/32" Tk)
557 psi
2.21 psi
Line Call-Out
Note: ASTM and DIN properties based on 1/16" sheet thickness, except ASTM F38, which is based on 1/32" sheet thickness (8300 & 9400 only; all CFG gaskets are 3/32" thick). This is a general guide only and should not be the sole means of accepting or rejecting this material. The data listed here falls within the normal range of product properties, but should not be used to establish specification limits nor used alone as the basis of design.
Warning: These materials should never be recommended when both temperature and pressure are at the maximum listed. Properties and applications shown are typical. No application should be undertaken by anyone without independent study and evaluation for suitability. Never use more than one gasket in one flange joint, and never reuse a gasket. Improper use or gasket selection could cause property damage and / or serious personal injury. Data reported on this web page is a compilation of field testing, field service reports and / or in-house testing. While the utmost care has gone into publishing the information contained herein, we assume no responsibility for errors. Specifications and information contained on this web page are subject to change without notice.

For an explanation of Gb, a & Gs factors, torque info & gasket installation go to our Durlon Technical Info page.

Frenzelit Compressed Graphite Sheet

Frenzelit 7085 Frenzelit 7075

Style 7085-Grape

Style 7085 is Frenzelit's high pressure compressed non-asbestos gasket material and it contains 75% pure graphite. This material's higher temperature and pressure capability is due to its density. This gasket material's higher tensile strength makes it ideal for gaskets with narrow flanges or ribs. The 15% compressibility makes it the material to use in applications where assembly tolerances will not allow for 45% compressibility. This sheet is easily identified by its grape colored "easy release" non-stick coating. This is an excellent chemical sheet.

Style 7075-Cranberry

Style 7075 is Frenzelit's general service compressed non-asbestos gasket material and it contains 75% pure graphite. This unique gasket sheet has great flexibility. It is easily identified by the cranberry colored "easy release" non-stick coating. This sheet's 45% compressibility allows for better sealing for those less than perfect flanges. This material does not cold flow when compressed with excessive torque. It likes stress and performs its best when compressed to 5000 PSI and beyond. This is an excellent steam sheet.

Frenzelit manufactures the only Compressed Non-Asbestos gasket material on the market that: can withstand maximum temperatures in continuous operation, have a pH rating of 2-14 and have a non-stick coating that allows used gaskets to literally fall off the flange. The Gasket Installation Procedure must be followed to assure optimum performance in your gasket application. Our Compressed Graphite easily replaces the competitions non-asbestos compressed sheets.

Frenzelit Compressed Graphite Sheet

Style 7085Style 7075
2000 PSIPressure*1500 PSI
< 100ppmLeachable Chlorides< 100ppm
1/16" - 600,000P x T Values*1/16" - 350,000
DIN ApprovedFire Safe TestedDIN Approved
.020" Through 1/8"Thickness.020" through 1/4"
60" x 60", 60" x 80"Sheet Size60" x 60", 60" x 80"
ASTM F104 Tests - 1/32" Thick
F38 B Creep Relaxation
12%22 hours @ 212ºF15%
30%22 hours @ 392ºF35%
F 37 A Sealability
.20 ml/hrFuel A @ 14.5 PSI/Gasket Load 1000 PSI.25 ml/hr
F 37 B Sealability
.06 ml/hrFuel A @ 9.8 PSI/Gasket Load 500 PSI.05 ml/hr
.075 ml/hrNitrogen @ 30 PSI/Gasket Load 3000 PSI.1 ml/hr
F 146 Thickness Increase
< 2%Oil #3, 5 Hrs @ 300ºF< 3%
< 1%Fuel B, 5 Hrs @ 73ºF< 4%
F 36 A Compressibility
15%5000 PSI Gasket Load45%
40%F 36 A Recovery10%
1500 PSIF 152 Tensile Strength600 PSI
DIN 3535 Part 6 Gas Permeability
.02 cc/minNitrogen @ 580 PSI/Gasket Load 4640 PSI.2 cc/min
DIN 52913 Stress Relaxation @ 7250 PSI
> 6500 PSI16 Hrs @ 347ºF> 6500 PSI
> 5000 PSI16 Hrs @ 572ºF> 5000 PSI
DIN 3754 48 Hrs @ 75ºF Thickness Increase
6%H2SO4 Sulfuric Acid 65% Concentration7%
.5%NaOH Sodium Hydroxide 25% Concentration3%

*Note: As in all compressed sheets the P x T values decrease significantly as the thickness increases. Our maximum temperature, pressure and P x T values cannot be exceeded.

Klinger Flexible Graphite Style SLS


  • Graphite Adhesive Bonded to a .002" 316 SS Foil
  • Highly Compressible and Compactible
  • Excellent Anti-Stick Properties
  • Low Gas Permeability
  • Low Electrical Resistance
Klinger Flexible Graphite Style SLS
Metal InsertAdhesive Bonded0.002" 316 Stainless Steel Foil
Creep RelaxationASTM F38B (1/32")10%
SealabilityASTM F37A (1/32")0.5 ml/min
CompressibilityASTM F36A40-45%
RecoveryASTM F36A10-15%
Purity of GraphiteMinimum95%
Leachable Chloride ContentF.S.A. Method (Typical)50 ppm
DensityPounds per Cubic Foot70
ColorTop/BottomSilver Grey
Klinger Flexible Graphite is also available in a non-reinforced sheet (Style HL) and with a .004" 316 stainless steel tang reinforcement (Style PSM)

Klinger Pressure and Temperature Graphs

Material Thickness: 1/16"

SLS Liquids
SLS Gases & Steam

About the Klinger Pressure & Temperature Graphs

The pressure/temperature charts shown for Klingersil compressed graphite materials are the most current method of determining the suitability of a gasket material in a known environment. Use the pressure and temperature graphs to select the most suitable Klingersil material for your application.

{1} In area one, the gasket material is suitable using common installation practices subject to chemical compatibility.
{2} In area two, appropriate measures are necessary for installation of the gasket to insure maximum performance. Please call or refer to the Klinger-expert software system for assistance.

{3} In area three, DO NOT INSTALL GASKETS in these applications without first referring to the Klinger-expert software system or contacting Thermoseal Inc.'s technical support service.
These graphs were developed from testing Klinger materials. Do not use them for competitor's materials since non-asbestos gasketing materials do not have service equivalents.





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