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Sheet Rubber

Commercial Neoprene Sheet


One of our most popular synthetic rubber sheets, Neoprene is also one of the least expensive of our sheet rubber selection. Neoprene sheet is specially compounded to provide good resistance to oils and gasoline in such applications as gaskets and flanges in gas permeable situations. Also applicable for bumpers, pads and sealing usages.

Style #10

A commercial blend, Neoprene compound, adaptable to extreme weather conditions since it resists rotting, checking and cracking due to ozone exposure. Has good low temperature flexibility and is oil resistant. Meets ASTM specifications for 1BC Material.

Style #15 (50% Base)

A premium grade product that has very good oil resistant characteristics. The 50% Neoprene Base Formula resists ozone and is highly recommended for hot and cold applications.

Style #12 (Matte Finish)

Style 12 is a commercial blended neoprene sheet with a matte finish on one side. It is free of talc and release solutions which make it excellent for applications that involve the use of pressure sensitive adhesives. (This style is not shown in the table; the specs are the same as Style 10, available in 50 through 80 durometer only.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
101/16 thru 136 & 4840800350-20 to +170ºF.83ASTM D2000 SAE J200, 1BC408 MIL R-3065, SC 408
101/16 thru 236 & 4850800300-20 to +170ºF.87ASTM D2000 SAE J200, 1BC508 MIL R-3065, SC 508
101/32 thru 2
36 & 48
60900300-20 to +170ºF.90ASTM D2000 SAE J200, 1BC609 MIL R-3065, SC 609
101/16 thru 236 & 48701000200-20 to +170ºF.90ASTM D2000 SAE J200, 1BC710 MIL R-3065, SC710
101/16 thru 236 & 48801000100-20 to +170ºF.97ASTM D2000 SAE J200, 1BC810 MIL R-3065, SC 810
151/16 thru 136 & 48501000300-40 to +180ºF.87ASTM D2000 1BC510, MIL-R-3065, SC 510
151/16 thru 136 & 48601000300-40 to +180ºF.90ASTM D2000 1BC 610, MIL-R-3065, SC 610
151/16 thru 136 & 48701000200-40 to +180ºF.90ASTM D2000 1BC 710, MIL-R-3065, SC 710

Commercial Nitrile (Buna-N) Sheet

Oil Resistant Nitrile Sheet-Black

Nitriles are special purpose rubbers with superior oil and solvent resistant properties compared to most other polymers.

Style #35

Commercial blend nitrile is offered in a range of five durometers: 40 through 80 duro. in order to perform in a wide variety of applications.
Designed to meet ASTM specifications for 1BE material.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
351/16 thru 136 & 4840800350-20 to +170ºF.83ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 1BE408
351/32 thru 136 & 4850800300-20 to +170ºF.87ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 1BE 508
351/32 thru 136 & 4860900300-20 to +170ºF.87ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 1BE 609
351/32 thru 236 & 48701000200-20 to +170ºF.90ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 1BE 710
351/16 thru 1/436 & 48801000100-20 to +170ºF.87ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 1BE 810

Premium Nitrile (Buna-N) Sheet


Excellent for all types of washers, gaskets and seals which require resistance to conditions of oils and aromatic fuels. Typical applications include carburetor gaskets, fuel pumps, diaphragms and aircraft hose gaskets.

Style #36

Premium nitrile is formulated to give maximum oil resistance. The higher cost is offset by longer service life in demanding applications. This is a factory stock item in 60 durometer. Other hardnesses are available on a made-to-order basis.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
361/16 thru 1/436601300300-40 to +180ºF.80ASTM D2000 6BG 613, A14, B14, EO14, EO34, F17

White FDA Nitrile Sheet

Style 37 - White FDA
A sheet specially formulated for its whiteness, used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic processing. Made from FDA-approved ingredients, it is non-toxic, non-marking and non-allergenic. It has good abrasion resistance and handles oily and greasy products well.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
371/16 thru 1/436 & 48601000350-25 to +180ºF.93FDA Approved Non-Marking

SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) Sheet

Style 20 - Red
An economical red sheet for use in low pressure applications with no oil resistance requirements. Well suited for the heating and plumbing trades. Has good aging, abrasion and tear resistant properties. Refer to physical properties and ASTM data in assessing suitability for intended applications. Also available in black on a special order basis.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
201/32 thru 1/436, 48 & 7275400150-20 to +170ºF1.17ASTM D1330 Grade II ASTM D2000 Type AA

Style 21 - Black

A premium grade black SBR sheet with higher tensile strength.

StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
211/16 thru 1/43675700150-20 to +170ºF.90 ASTM D1330 Grade I

Natural Rubber Sheet - Tan

Style 27 - FDA Approved

Tan natural rubber that is produced entirely with FDA approved ingredients.

StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
271/16 thru 136 & 48403000600-20 to +140ºF.63ASTM D2000 SAE J200, 1AA 430

Style 28 - Natural Rubber Floating Stock

Tan floating stock has superior resilience, tensile, elongation and abrasion resistance properties. It has good tear strength and is resistant to water, most salts, mild acids and many other chemicals.Not suited for environments involving ozone, strong acids, animal fats, oils, greases and most hydrocarbons. Non-marking and non-toxic. Also available in black.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
281/16 thru 136 & 48403000600-20 to +140ºF.63ASTM D2000 SAE J200, 1AA 430

Oil Resistant Vinyl Sheet - Black

Style 30

Thermoplastic, economical sheet for many non-critical applications. Good water, ozone, and chemical resistance and good weathering characteristics. Limited temperature tolerance.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
301/16 thru 1/436701000250-20 to +160ºF.83Smooth Finish

Ozone Resistant EPDM Sheet - Black

A superior rubber for outdoor and high temperature applications. Good electrical properties. Resists animal and vegetable oils, ozone, steam, water, and oxygenated solvents.

Style 40 - Commercial

Commercial EPDM is the most economical EPDM sheet offered. Intended to be used in less critical applications where temperatures are of an intermittent nature.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElongTemp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
401/16 thru 1/436 & 4850800300-40 to +212ºF.73ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 3BA (508 608 708), C12 MIL R-3065 RS 508 608 708, C12

Style 45 - Hi Grade

An intermediate grade product where a higher performance rating is required.

StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElongTemp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
451/16 thru 1/436 & 48501500300-40 to +225ºF.73ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 3BA (515 615 715 815), B13 C12 F17 MIL R-3065 RS 515 615 715 815, C12

Style 475 - 100% Base

Our premium grade EPDM contains 100% EPDM polymer. This product is designed to give maximum performance and service.

StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElongTemp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
4751/16 thru 1/43650, 602000400-55 to +300ºF.73ASTM D2000, SAE J200, 5BA 520 620 C12 F17 F19

Butyl Sheet

Style 60 - Butyl

Good electrical, weathering, and vibration damping properties. Withstands elevated temperatures well, resists gas permeation, acids, alkalis and ozone. Not resistant to petroleum based oils, solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons but will withstand animal and vegetable oils. A superior product with unique characteristics for many challenging applications.
StyleThicknessWidthDuro.TensileElong.Temp.Wt./Sq. Ft. 1/8"Specifications
601/16 thru 1/436601200350-40 to +225ºF.83ASTM D2000 Type BA

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