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Here are some free programs that we find very helpful.
NOTE: We make no gaurantees for the programs offered here (such as system compatibility, software conflicts, etc). We did not write any of these programs, nor do we claim ownership of any of these programs. We simply offer them for download, as we have found them to be very useful.

A New One!!

This is truly a great program! It's called Open Office, and it is actually a suite of programs designed to do almost everything MS Office does. It has programs to open Word Documents (.doc), Excel Spreadsheets (.xls) and others. And, unlike Office which is very expensive, it is completely FREE!
It is offered for download by Sun Microsystems, and to make sure you download the latest version (and also due to its size), we will just provide a link to the web site from which you can download this great offering...
Open Office.
As of this writing, it is a 63 Mb download. To get all the features, you need to have "Java Runtime Environment". This is also a free download, which is available here:
Java Runtime Environment
Be sure to take some time and read the installation instructions for both these downloads. Also take the time to read about the features of Open Office; it is capable of doing quite a few things.

A Data Conversion Utility

Data Conversion

This data conversion utility has a very easy-to-use interface. You simply choose the units of the data you have and the units you want it converted to, and type in your number. The conversion is done as you type! It converts force, power, pressure, speed, flow, and many others. And, the best thing, it's free!
Approximately 144 Kb.
Click here to download.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

This handy little program lets you write "Sticky Notes" to yourself or to another computer on your network. This program resides in your system tray, and writing a new note is as simple as double clicking it. The color and text size can be customized and they even have an alarm that can be set. And you just can't beat the price!
Approximately 720 Kb.
Click here to download.

Graphing Utility


This program is a graphing utility that we have found useful for determining gasket yields from various sheet sizes. This one takes a while to get to know. (Like learning how to change those obnoxious default colors!) To use it, you must know your algebraic functions. (See, that high school teacher was right!) This program is fully functional, but after a thirty day evaluation period, you're supposed to register it. To do that, please click here!
Approximately 406 Kb.
Click here to download.

An Office Essential

WordWeb Dictionary

Compared to the other files on this page, this one's a monster; approximately 4 Mb zipped, this program will require about 7.5 Mb of disk space. But it's worth it! An easy to use dictionary/thesaurus, this program also shows synonyms, holonyms, hypernyms, and hyponyms (it can also define these words, thank goodness). And you know what really rules.....? It's free.
Approximately 4 Mb.
Click here to download.

And Now, When You're Ready for a Break...

Here's an old standby that's always relaxing and entertaining!

Checkers Game

This Checkers game program is a great way to relax for a few minutes and recharge yourself. It's a program that needs no complicated instructions to use. You can play against a human opponent or the computer. Simply grab the checker you want to move with the mouse, and drop it where you want to move. About the only "rule" is: jumps must be taken. And, yes, it's free!
Approximately 132 Kb.
Click here to download.

If You're Ready for Real Intellectual Stimulation...

This Chess game rules!

Chess Game

In this screen capture picture, you can see that I'm about to get creamed! This excellent Chess game can be played at five different skill levels. It even has a "practice" mode, where it will show you endangered pieces, show valid moves or suggest a move! This Chess game has an easy interface and is a small program file. Oh yeah, by the way....it's free!
Approximately 170 Kb.
Click here to download.

Note: Files on this page are for Windows 95 or 98, and are in a "zip" format. (They will probably also work with Windows 2000, ME & XP.) You will need WinZip, PKZip, or another unzip program to open them. If you need assistance, contact us.





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