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At Tampa Rubber & Gasket one of our specialties is special belt fabrication. From notched vee guides to finger-over-finger splices, we can handle your special belt needs. These services can be done in our shop or at your job site, as we have crews and equipment to vulcanize in the field.

Belt Endlessing Methods

Single Finger Splice Finger-Over-Finger Splice

Single Finger Splice

The single finger splice is used on one and some two ply belts made from PVG, RMV and Urethane. During the vulcanization process, the material will remelt into itself to produce a smooth, strong and almost unnoticeable splice. Hot, pressurized vulcanizers are used in this process.

Finger-Over-Finger Splice

The finger-over-finger splice is used on belts of two or more plies made from PVG, RMV and Urethane. The belt is split between the plies and the fingers are cut offset so they overlap each other. This produces an extremely strong splice that can handle high tension and / or small pulleys.

Step Splice Skive Splice

Step Splice

The step splice is used on multiple ply belts. In many cases, we can prepare belts for this splice and send them to you along with cold vulcanizing cements for splicing to be done by your technicians. A certain amount of skill is required to insure a strong splice.

Skive Splice

The skive splice is normally used on nylon core transmission and some PVG belts. This is a special type of splice that requires a hot vulcanized press. We can sell you a press to do these splices yourself, or send one of our technicians to your location to perform the vulcanization.

Lacing Types

Mechanical Lacing Types

Cleat Types

Standard Tee Cleat Beefy Tee Cleat

Standard Tee Cleat

Beefy Tee Cleat

Scoop Cleat Fabric Reinforced Cleat

Scoop Cleat

Fabric Reinforced Cleat

Cleat Modifications

Regular Cleats Notched Cleats

Regular Cleats

Notched Cleats

Indented Cleats Cutout Cleats

Indented Cleats

Cutout Cleats

Channels Tapered Cleats


Tapered Cleats

Vee Guides, Flanges & Lugs

Vee Guides Edge Flanges

Vee Guides

Edge Flanges

Lug Cleats

Lug Cleats or Edge Flanges

Special Cleat Styles

Closed Chevron Cleats Open Chevron Cleats

Closed Chevron Cleats

Open Chevron Cleats

Herringbone Design Cleats U-Shaped Cleats

Herringbone Cleats

U-Shaped Cleats

Special Belt Fabrications

Punched Belt Perforated Belt
All of our belt styles can be punched or perforated to your specifications. Punching is required for attaching buckets to elevator belts or installing various other attachments. Perforations are required for vacuum belts. We have many dies available with various patterns and hole sizes, and we can make new dies as required.

Coated Timing Belts Special Belt Impressions
We can apply special covers to many types of belts: flat belts, timing belts, V-belts and truly endless belts. Cover materials include gum rubber, linatex, urethane/foam, sponge rubber, nitrile rubber/FDA and nylon/foam. We can also mold lines, designs or identification marks into our belts.

Curved Belt Reinforced Edges
Tampa Rubber & Gasket can supply replacement belts for Power Curves. Arcs from 15º to 360º. Reinforced edges on screen belts enables better tracking, edge wear resistance and better fastener retention.





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